It tells of beauties and of beasts I have met along the way

It tells of demons in my dreams and how I struggle everyday

It also tells of my saviours who have loved me through my fears

That were there when at my lowest to wipe away my tears


No-one should ever have to feel they are alone so if you need someone to talk to or just want to let off a bit of steam, please, e-mail me, anytime, at darkyblue@outlook.com



535 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY BLOG

  1. Hurt is renowned to inspire…you just seem to underline this fact more emphatically! I just wonder how did you happen to meet so much negative in your life, cope up with it as well. Keep the spirits up.


    • Thankyou.
      I’m not sure how I attract these negative/abusive people. Being abused as a child I suppose I thought it was normal and accepted it as an adult. I just don’t know.
      I do however believe that everything happens for a reason and in a way I’m glad it happened as it’s made me more understanding.
      Maybe you would like to have a quick read of my poem “Thankyou for teaching me”. It is in the inspirational section of my blog and might explain a little better what I mean :-D


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