Mon Petit Fleur (Carl Edwin)

There was once a time I lived my life
The way they told me too
How to behave and dress and think
If they said jump, that’s what I’d do

But now I live at a distance
From all the hatred and decay
I believe what goes around, comes around
So for all their poison, they will pay

You reminded me that past is past
And that there’s nothing I can do
And I’m so glad you came into my life
Friends forever, me and you

You showed me how to be myself
And to look people in the eye
I can feel your worry when I am down
And you care enough to ask me why

My god we had fun at the pub
Laughing into the small hours
You’ll always be in my life and heart
Because you are Môn petit fleur


5 thoughts on “Mon Petit Fleur (Carl Edwin)

    • They say, and I believe, that people come into our lives for a reason, to guide, help or teach us.
      Sometimes they stay in our lives and sometimes they leave. Luckily for me, Carl stayed. I’m a very lucky girl x


      • I believe that as well. I have very few people that have stayed in my life and have made a positive influence, but i am grateful for the people that left because they have taught me a lot more than i expected to learn. I am happy that Carl stayed in your life and i am happier that you realize how lucky you are that he did. You do not get that often now-a-days. I applaud that! 🙂


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