DAY BY DAY -2010

She sits inside her little room
And no-one may come in
For they will see the sadness
In her heart she locks within

Every day she seems so lost
In this house that’s not her home
So many people claim to love her
So why does she feel so alone

There is one place where she feels safe
When she feels lost and low
Beneath her duvet with torch and pen
Upon her paper, feelings flow

She finds comfort in her poetry
And words she hears through song
She gets through her days by day by day
But the nights are still too long

It’s sad that no-one notices
They all look but never see
I so wish that I could help her
But the woman … She is me


4 thoughts on “DAY BY DAY -2010

  1. You caught me by surprise with the last ending “But the woman … She is me”
    Is it remembering your olden days 🙂


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