DEAN – 2010

When you are a little girl
You imagine a fairytale
Of a knight in shining armour
And a love that never fails

Years go by and you grow up
And still no-one has come
Except so many disappointments
Always waiting for the one

But one day you think you’re lucky
To find a man sincere and true
Someone who you thought loved you
He said “I’d fight the world for you”

I used to think all men were bastards
Sadly, you proved this to be true
I believed in everything you said
Because I believed in you

I really don’t have much to give
Like material things and stuff
But what I gave was endless
Because I gave you all my love

But you preyed upon my loyalty
And the all I gave to you
You broke me and I’ll never mend
So I say “shame on you”

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