For my Nan

For my Nan to thankyou for the times
We use to spend together
You were the only one who loved me
You took me out in all the weathers

The times you took me to the park
Brought me home when it was dark
Mum would stand and glare at me
Covered in dirt from head to feet

Now you have gone and I have grown
My heart is truly broken
So Nan, how do I carry on
Without your words of wisdom spoken

Some people are touched by an angel
But Nan, I was touched by you
When I was sad and tears would fall
It was your love that pulled me through

I hope that you have found your peace
Within the gates of pearl
I love you Nanny with all my heart
I will forever be your girl


6 thoughts on “For my Nan

  1. I believe when people move on from this world it does not mean they have left us. I believe your Nan is very much a present angel in your life….(just my opinion) – hang in there and keep writing…


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