My mask – 1996

I try to hide behind my mask

As I’m to shy to show

I hold down my head in public

Then nobody will know

That I am really frightened

Of everyone and everything

To weak to show myself because

Of what my truth may bring

I try to cling on to the hope

That I’ll see me as others do

But it’s hard when you feel lonely

And where to start, I have no clue

People hear but never listen

They look but do not see

They take a breath but never smell

The flowers at their feet

7 thoughts on “My mask – 1996

  1. Your words really do speak to me… It is like you are inside my head… I concur that you are not alone…


    • I feel alone in the sense that I cannot tell anyone of my feelings. Don’t want those close to me worrying about me. This is why I started this blog. No-one knows I have it. It’s like therapy I suppose.
      It lifts me so much knowing that other people enjoy it. There are so many talented people on here. It’s amazing


      • Count yourself among the talented… I also started to blog for a release of my thoughts… It so far has given me a release…


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