Ashamed – 1990

When I am walking with a smile

When I am feeling fine

There’s someone there to knock me down

Every single time

Sometimes I need a helping hand

Sometimes I manage on my own

I can’t work out what’s real anymore

Or what it is I’m doing wrong

Loneliness is a terrible thing

When it’s all that you possess

I hate myself so much sometimes

I can’t cope with all this stress

So help me, where did I go wrong

How can people be so cruel

If this is a test, I don’t understand

I wish I knew what to do

I can’t cope with more rejection

I feel so worthless and alone

When they look do they not see my pain

Can they not see what they have done

I was never ashamed of anything

But now I’m ashamed of being me

And now the pain afflicted upon me

Has become my demons in my dreams


7 thoughts on “Ashamed – 1990

  1. at some point, we come to the realization that this is who I am, I am this collection of tears, and scars, and laughter and sunsets – and that somehow I’ve gotten here yet it’s OK. When you look in the mirror and know that no other has come that path – you can begin to say “today I choose” and the power of others will begin to diminish.


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