What a waste – 2011

Everyone they met wanted what they had

Hearts beat through their skin when they held hands

She felt so lucky, her life was now changing

To feel love from a kind thoughtful man

As time went by, things started to change

The “I love you’s” said didn’t come back

She couldn’t bare to think of the worst

That his love might be coming of  track

Not long after that, he said it

His words came so out of the blue

He returned from a night with another

Looked at the floor and said “I don’t love you”

She fell to her knees as the feelings came back

Of despair, worthlessness and dread

She begged him that she would do anything

He said there was nothing left to be said

She had never felt such a pain in her heart

From the words he had spoken that night

Her life was in pieces her body it ached

Nothing could be said to make this right

And so she left but took the needles he had

In the hotel bath she lay naked and dying

As she inserted the needles to let out her blood

Darkness came for her while she was crying

She wasn’t sure what happened next

Someone found her and thought she was dead

They called for someone to help her

To get from the bathroom and onto the bed

They had to commit her in her sorry state

They saw she was broken and things weren’t right

She didn’t speak or eat for weeks

She remembered nothing of that night

She thought she would never recover from this

Let down to often, so you see

There was nothing I could do to help her

Because one again, the woman, was me


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