Monsters – 1989

Yes, he’ll hold you in his arms
And yes, you’ll love him for your sins
But as the months and years go by
His hold will tighten and the pain begins

Your head explodes and you can’t breathe
You don’t think for yourself anymore
No courage to run although you’ve paid the price
Stuck in his grip forever more

There is no choice, you have to stay
Your mind is his, your legs are lead
He groomed you for all of your life
To start again, fills you with dread

And so you stay and you play house
Pleasing monsters he brings home
Just shut your eyes and close your mind
And think of anywhere but home


8 thoughts on “Monsters – 1989

  1. There is always a nagging deep inside that yearns to be set free. Whether it is your inner doubt, your inner negativity it always rushes to the surface. It is better to get it out on paper, or in art than it would be to hold it inside and let it fester into something worse.


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