Stupid girl – 1982

My pen, it screams my thoughts out
As I write these words today
But it helps to keep my sanity
In all this disarray

My words tell of my feelings
As thoughts fill this page today
It’s the only way I can express
What my heart has longed to say

But the words, they screw my face up
Like vinegar in my mouth
I don’t talk cos no-one listens
When I scream, there is no sound

The choice you see it is not mine
My life doesn’t belong to me
I don’t know where to find my voice
And so I write what no-one sees

What is the point of this you say
If you can’t tell the world your woes
But if I don’t know whats wrong with me
How can I tell what I don’t know

So here I am, writing in my room
Still hiding from the world
I try so hard, but whats the point
Always the stupid girl

22 thoughts on “Stupid girl – 1982

  1. hii this was first write up that i have read nd it was enough to realise that that i can relate to u….. so following u for hoping that u keep writing like this… good one…


  2. You write so well and convey feelings that are commonly dissmissed by most. Your words express so much strength for others, proof that survival is obtainable, just keep holding on. Please keep posting, your work is beautiful to me. Thank you.


  3. Very nice blog darkyblue….you have expressed feelings which are so true and we can think about them only when we are alone and hidden from outside world…

    All of us are stupid inside…and I think a little stupidity keeps up innocent like children…i would always like to be a stupid guy…. πŸ™‚


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