Cover me in music – 2013

Music gives a voice to me
When words can’t find their way
It fills my room with company
When loneliness drives me insane

Music pushes away my demons
As I crawl between the tones
I dance away my problems
And forget that I’m alone

It’s great when music hits me
Because I don’t feel any pain
And as I dance and sing my heart out
People think I’m quite insane

It paints a picture on my silence
It colours it beautiful and bright
It paints it red with love and stuff
And brings happiness to my life

It gave me understanding
It soothed my busy mind
And it will never leave me
As I listen, and my heart replies


10 thoughts on “Cover me in music – 2013

  1. When I first heard Duane Allman pay slide guitar in 1971, I was saved from the pain I had been carrying for my whole life. I still hold onto the Allman Brothers music 42 years later. Thanks for reminding me.


  2. I agree…Music taps into our emotions and allows us to respond in a way that we need to. It seems we spend most of our lives acting in ways that are expected by people and social norms. This can darken any soul. Music allows the shades to be drawn up and allow the light in. It is a gift from God. Thanks for writing this beautiful tribute to it. 🙂


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