Your name never spoken – 1988

Do you not see the wounds I hide
As saddened tears fall from my eyes

The pain in me that you bestowed
Parts of me took that were not owed

My life, my heart, my mind, left broken
I still feel fear when your name is spoken

You had a wonderful life, such a happy kid
Your family adored you and I know I did

Now shamed and worthless is all I see
When I look in the mirror staring back at me

I won’t say your name as my story is told
Mr I’m bigger than you, Mr do as you’re told

Mr where is my dinner, Mr clean the house
Mr get out of my sight, Mr shut your mouth

Mr you’ll always be nothing, Mr scream and shout
Mr you’ll die without me, Mr you’ll never get out

Well I found the courage, so the jokes on you
And if I die like you say, I’ll be dead without you 🙂


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