Mummy, Daddy – 1979

I keep on wishing that you’ll love me
But my wishes don’t come true
I promise, I try so very hard
But you hate everything I do

I keep hope alive inside my heart
Without a reason to believe
If it was not for poetry, my imaginary friend
I would not want to breathe

So I always keep on smiling
although invisible through my tears
Cos I feel whenever I’m around
You’d rather I wasn’t here

Daddy what am I doing wrong
Cos I just don’t understand
Why don’t you and mummy love me
Call me your princess or hold my hand

I’ll try harder to be a good girl
And be oh so quiet when you are near
Won’t you please care, just a little bit
Just enough to want me here


8 thoughts on “Mummy, Daddy – 1979

  1. This poem is a clear and unambiguous reiteration of the root of my dis-ease . I have too much to say to write it here. Brings up anger, sadness, rage, fear, shame. The deep seated emotional conflicts that persist below the level of my consciousness. Wonderful


  2. This really resonated with me. I just wrote something on how we are never alone but how i still explode on the inside when i can relate to someone. And i really related to this on so many levels you don’t even know. thank you for sharing your beautiful writing.


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