The angel’s song – 1982

I wish I were the flowers
So happy and so free
Instead of being part of
This god forsaken family

I burst with love for you two
But you hurt me everyday
It shouldn’t hurt to be a child
So why am I treated in this way

You never cook the dinner
And the house is a filthy hole
You never say “I love you”
Even when we’re good as gold

If I was such a burden
Why did you have four more
We are not slaves or punch bags
That’s not what babies are made for

When blows reign down upon us
I swear I hear the angel’s song
Singing “It’s okay my little one”
You’ll be with us soon, it won’t be long


5 thoughts on “The angel’s song – 1982

  1. I just started reading your poems and following your account but oh my goodness you’re works are ABSOLUTELY incredible!!! Good for you for fighting through all you’ve been through! c:


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