It’s everything – 1986

As I lay here upon the grass
My tears they won’t stop coming
Like the raindrops falling from the sky
Upon where my pen is flowing

I’m not sure why I am writing
My mind it is not here
It’s running through a poppy field
It’s laughing and dancing without a care

It’s walking through a gallery
It’s at an opera in the park
It’s holding tight a loved one
It’s making love till it gets dark

It’s dancing in the moonlight
It’s eating ice-cream by the sea
It’s on a blanket made of daisys
As far as the eye can see

It’s breathing in the fresh clean air
It’s running through fallen leaves
It’s reading poetry from a book
It’s picking blossom from the trees

The rain has stopped, it’s wet and cold
It’s time to head on home
It’s sad cos outside I am free
At home, I’m all alone


5 thoughts on “It’s everything – 1986

  1. You are phenomenal. I hope you know that. I am a fan and a champion of your causes, whatever that may be. And though I am a stranger, I hope that counts for something on your darkest days. Even on the days you feel you’re alone, you are sharing that lonely piece of sky with someone else.


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