My best friend said …

My bestest friend is on the phone
And inspired me to write this
It’s all the words he speaks to me
Loving words I can’t dismiss

When it comes to loving me
His words won’t leave my head
So I thought I’d share some of his thoughts
And this is what he said

To get away from darkness
You must first let in some light
Nothing good comes easy
This is why you have to fight

Life can be ever so tough
But remember, you are too
Be brave, let others into your heart
To see the beauty inside of you

Be a witness, not a judge
Listen to your heart and not the crowd
Do something lovely, just for you
Something to make you proud

Always keep an open mind
I promise if you do
Your brain aint gonna fall out
And leave a mucky messy goo
(He didn’t say that last bit, but I thought it was funny)


3 thoughts on “My best friend said …

  1. A friend who loves and accepts me for who I am, not what they think I should be, is priceless. I have a friend, I call him the painter, and he and I have coffee once a week usually. (He was at my house at 6:30 this morning.)He stayed with me when I sat in my depression for the two years that I sat in it and let it wreck havoc on me. He never once told me what to do. Not once. He brought me food, took me to McDonalds so I could watch him eat his biscuits, and too me to meetings. Never once did he tell me to get on with my life, get over it, do something different than what I did. He saw my outside world fall apart, go kaput and never once judged me.
    We are lucky to have friends who see us for the loving spirits WE ARE!


  2. Thankyou Shoe
    I think everyone should be lucky enough to meet a “painter”.
    I was lucky to have met my friend.
    I met him during my darkest days and he would chat with me for hours and hours every night for months about nothing and he would make me laugh. He still rings me everyday without fail just to say he loves me and to make sure I’m okay.
    Two years later and he is still my best friend. My world is brighter simply because he is in it.
    I call him “me lil sunshine”


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