Would you – 2011

Would you recognise me
If you passed and saw my face
And if you did would you run to me
To give me a warm embrace

Would you worry if I’m happy
Or if I’m getting on ok
Or wonder if I’m safe and well
Or where on earth I am today

Would you think of me with love
Would you be proud of things I’ve done
And do you ever wonder
What happened to this little one

Why do I still allow you
To invade my thoughts this way
I often wonder why myself
Cos you were so cruel in everyway

Was it I who got it wrong
Was love for you, love in vain
Cos while my tears were falling
You cared nothing of my pain

But reality says you never cared
You gave me nothing, not a crumb
Why did you do to this to me
You were supposed to be my mum


3 thoughts on “Would you – 2011

  1. It’s as though you were reading my mind when you wrote this. The same is all true of my own life, though I strive to understand how I could have ever loved her.


  2. We love her because, whether it’s a good or a bad one, she gave us life.
    What we do with our life is ultimately up to us.
    I chose to be a better person, not because of her but inspite of her 🙂


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