When our heart speaks

We all hang onto people around us through fear of being alone but there must come a time when we must let go and move on from those who sadden us. If they were worthy of our love in the first place, they never would have put us in a situation where we would have to sacrifice who we are.

There is a big difference between those we love, those we settle for and those we are meant for.

We should never be ashamed to cry our hearts out as it is our heart that speaks to us when our lips can’t explain how we are feeling. No person has the right to condemn you on how you repair your heart or how you choose to grieve because no-one knows how much you’re hurting.

Keep your chin up
Keep smiling
And remember…
You may be the black sheep of the family but the white sheep probably aren’t as white as they try to portray

5 thoughts on “When our heart speaks

  1. I can so relate to this too..wanting friends, hanging on even though
    they were negative and didn’t need them in my life. I learned the
    hard way for sure. You are so right with the quote: we should never
    sacrifice who we are for anyone at any time. Very thought provoking
    this entry was:)


    • I think that at one time or another we all fall foul to negative people for fear of being alone and we all need contact in one form or another with other humans, it’s in our nature and so sometimes, we will settle for anyone that wants to be around us.
      We should start loving ourselves a bit more.
      Thankyou for your comment and for once again spending so much time here and looking at what I have to say. I appreciate it 🙂 xx


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