And so I write – 2013

I wasn’t going to go public
It never crossed my mind
But I thought that I should try it
As it might heal my heart in time

I had written many poems
Since my childhood cos back then
I wasn’t loved but found some solace
With my paper and my pen

I used to write for hours
About how I felt inside
How badly I was treated
And of all the times I cried

I was never allowed to have a friend
Or to go out without a chaperone
He let me have a job but not my wages
He was always angry when I got home

My pen, it saved that broken child
And as an adult, helped me heal
As I write of the pain and sadness
That I will forever feel

Believe me, I’ve tried everything
Pills and potions, doctors and shrinks
But nothing seems to alter
The way that my mind thinks

And so here I am, a page, a thought
A shadow of the girl that I once knew
Out there I’m desperately lonely
But in here … I’m Darkyblue


7 thoughts on “And so I write – 2013

  1. I really like this post of yours as it reflects the way you have dealt with your pain. Writing, helps a lot as it provides an outlet to express our feelings.


  2. I also agree with you… Writing is an outlet… It’s your form of meditation… One day you will find it’s a ghost of a memory and the pain is no longer there… Be happy there’s a world full of opportunities out there… Blessings and love…


  3. I could not agree more. Writing my blog is really communicating with my friends and myself. I can be me. No masks or false pretense. I can just be me;)


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