Have you ever – 2013

Have you ever felt so lonely
That it hurts inside your chest
And you feel like such an outcast
And you constantly feel stressed

The feeling you’re not good enough
For anything or anyone
And trying to forget the past
Before you come undone

The medication and the talkers
Don’t help you anymore
You’ve stopped socialising
Cos everything’s become a chore

And every time the doorbell rings
Your reaction is to hide
And rush to turn the music off
So they think no-one’s inside

The days are getting hard again
At night I leave the music on
There’s nothing quite as soothing
As words spoken from a song

I get so frustrated with myself
And I know it all sounds daft
But I know that I can do it
And vanquish bad stuff from my past


19 thoughts on “Have you ever – 2013

  1. You write beautifully, i loved this. I have been reading your stuff just recently and i look forward to you posting new stuff now. Excellent poem and there are lots who will relate


  2. I can really relate to some of these feelings…I also have
    anxiety issues, so it can all get scary, and then you think
    you are losing it, but I have came a long way, and keep
    on looking ahead….


    • I think I’m losing it most days but like you, I try to keep on top of things.
      Thankyou for taking the time to read so much of my stuff, it’s nice to know what others think of what I write. It’s also nice to know that we are not alone in what sometimes can be a crazy world.
      I’m glad you can look ahead.
      Love and good luck to you in all you do 🙂


      • No, you are definitely not losing
        it, and there are some as lot worse
        off, and we as writers are blessed because
        we release our pain through words, like
        a cleansing of sorts:)


        • Yes, I agree with you there.
          Since I’ve started this blog I am surprised at how many people e-mail me for help, advice or just someone to talk to. Like a lot of others, I always thought I was the only one
          I personally write as I find that saying it out loud, for me, helps me to understand my situation


  3. This has been written so wonderfully and I cant help but relate so much to this. You have a gift of putting thoughts right there in a manner that it actually touches another.

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. “And every time the doorbell rings
    Your reaction is to hide
    And rush to turn the music off
    So they think no-one’s inside”

    Oh my! I do that. Not so much as I used to when I’d instantly start shaking, but I still do it.


  5. I have used my poetry to help me heal. I used to say the things I couldn’t figure out how to speak aloud. I read your words and I know…I know. the feelings, the questions…all of it. I loved the bit about hiding when the doorbell rings…honestly, I still do that often. Thank you for your courage to share your poetry!


    • Thank you very much 🙂 Writing can be a great healer, I think its sad that so many people can relate to the poems I write. I hope that things get better for you very soon or at the very least become easier.


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