In time – 2010

My past won’t leave
And I’m falling apart
I got a bad feeling
This is just the start

Not too long ago
I thought I’d be fine
That I’d be ok that
I’d get there in time

But time isn’t helping
This much I know
Cos I’ve waited and waited
But the pain, it won’t go

I hate feeling like this
It eats me inside
And I can’t count anymore
All the times that I’ve cried

I sit here in silence
I stare at the wall
And hope for an answer
If there is one at all

7 thoughts on “In time – 2010

  1. people without depression just can’t grasp that having a down day here and there is normal, while those with depression can’t grasp what normal is.


  2. The poem is beautiful and I understand what you wrote. I wish I could say something helpful but I can’t. All I want to say is “never stop seeking”. Thank you for sharing.


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