50 Shades of me – 2013

Why do people feel the need
To put me down at every turn
You would hope while growing up
That they would have learned

That every human being
Has a trigger point inside
Something we are insecure of
Why we feel the need to cry

They need an attitude adjustment
Walk a mile inside my shoes
Then maybe they would understand
How easily I bruise

Yet I am still so gullible
To think they care of how I feel
I worry who my friends are
If they’re fake or if they’re real

I guess I’ll never change them
Get them to see me for me
I suppose they’ll never understand
The 50 shades of me


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of me – 2013

  1. I know how it feels and am a sensitive person too. At home, my younger brother targeted me. At school, two boys targeted me. I also hope those bulliers need to walk in our shoes.


  2. It constantly amazes me how we judge each other and the lack or care we often carry for each other … I guess that’s why in this stripping back process He calls ‘dying to self’ there is an overwhelming level of love that then envelopes my heart … And I repent of those who I have hurt through anger, harmful words, judgement, lack of care, arrogance … I love your 50 shades of you … Bring it on!! It is just how He made you!! People may never understand you, but you live for a audience of One. 🙂


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