But still I said “I do” – 1988

I really loved you, what a joke
Was said β€œa fool such as I”
You hit me almost everyday
Small pathetic man, I sigh

Whatever made you look at me
And think that you could strike
With such a rage and passion
Is that what turned you on at night

It always was the same with you
Never fighting with the boys
It was full on violence with the girls
With the boys it was just noise

It’s such a shame you did this
When I was always good to you
Now YOU miss ME you stupid man

11 thoughts on “But still I said “I do” – 1988

  1. Domestic violence is also a way for weak people to feel strong or good about themselves. They see the people they abuse as a threat or someone who might be better than them and so, through their own insecurities try to beat you down to their own level.
    Sad, but a fact of life I’m sad to say


  2. This is Genius I must say. A step to seeing what it is, instead of hiding it away like a stained table cloth in a trunk in the hall. It must stop, bullying of all kinds. No More victims! Thank you for this piece of awareness (for lack of better term at he moment)… A notable piece indeed… Peace…


    • Tonic, thankyou so much for your very kind comment. I agree with you totally, unfortunately domestic violence it much harder to detect as many, like myself are too afraid to speak out. As you know from my “about me” page, I’m posting these poems written during my childhood as a sort of therapy for myself. Hopefully, it will help others understand that they are not alone and maybe push them to be a little braver than me.
      Thanks again


  3. Blue, You’re Welcome, and you are so right. I do remember and I think that is the bravest thing ever. We share that unruly treatment in common from our youth, and to share to bring awareness and bring any sort of bullying to an end is bravery at it’s best! This unbelievable treatment of our cherished future must stop. We are supposed protect our children. Keep Pushing… Rock On!



  4. Few things enrage me more than those who take advantage of others in any way. Physical methods I can’t stand and woe be the guy who does this and I’m aware. I’m not normally a violent person, and if you ask anyone, no one would ever suspect that I would be so but damn, I never really want to find out how far I can go.


    • I’m the one who never sticks up for myself but if I were to see anyone else get hurt then, like you, I would never want to be tested as to how far I would go. Don’t know why that is. Probably a self worth thing I think


      • Maybe. A bad environment would change your perspective to such a view. When you find that positive environment, it will change accordingly and then you will see that you always had the ability to choose your perspective. You were tougher than you think πŸ™‚


        • Yes, I’m just at the stage now where I will either tell people to back off or just cut them out of my life.
          Must admit, I feel so much better for it πŸ™‚


          • Oh I so know the feeling about cutting things out of my life. In the process of getting out of a marriage myself. My blog helps me bring out the ideas I’ve long help as well as let others know who I truly am. One has shown me that there can be acceptance on my true self and that I have given enough to a relationship that does not give enough of what I need back. Lots of cool people here πŸ™‚ Definitely a year of change!


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