One in three

It doesn’t matter who you are
Abuse will always leave a scar
It follows us home, to work, at play
It follows everywhere we are

Statistics say mental health problems
Affect every one in three
I know about the discrimination
As one of the three is me

It will take away our innocence
Along with hopes and dreams
No-one understands the hold it has
It feeds off despair and steals our dreams

I wish I could do so much more
As people suffer for far too long
Words I write don’t seem enough
And I feel all I do is wrong

So I hold onto little reminders
Although few and far between
And see the good in everyone
Even when others don’t seem as keen

Please don’t listen to their poison
Cling onto love and truth and hope
Think of all that’s beautiful
A happy place to help you cope

And when you think all hope is lost
And life has given up on you
Remember, you are not alone
One in three, are there, with you


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