A love thing – 1988

I want to experience what others do
This love thing they talk about
The thing they sing and dance for
And from the rooftops shout

I would love to feel that feeling
And taste its sweet upon my lips
I want to look into its eyes
And feel its warm and wanting grip

To see it’s smile light up a face
To hear it’s voice so soft and sweet
To feel it’s touch so warm and loving
That I’d fall down at its feet

I really need to feel that magic
That only love does seem to bring
I want to have that feeling
I want to dance and laugh and sing

They say there’s nothing like it
When your called somebody’s girl
And that nothing is too much for love
As you become each other’s world

6 thoughts on “A love thing – 1988

  1. Hey I wish I’d been there when you were a kid to give you a hug. But here’s one now. Childhood should be the best time of one’s life but too many children have to put up with so much abuse. It was good you could at least put words to that pain and get it out.


  2. Bless you and ((((( hugs )))))))); the child inside always remains…nurture that child. We are never too old to skip, to play in the sand, to swing on swings in the park…if you have a niece or nephew, use them as an excuse to play 😉 if you don`t borrow a friend`s kid or neighbour`s to go see a Disney movie or fun kid movie. Your blog is reaching out to many hurting as well…many you are helping heal. Bless you. Oliana xx


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