Dear god – 1979

Loneliness calls as darkness falls
Once again I am here
Blocking out the sadness
And wiping away my tears

Because my life is just a repeat
Same old hurt and misery
I watch the candle dying slowly
And I wish that it was me

I imagine how lovely it would be
To walk into the light
So I can feel the warmth and love
Never another lonely night

They say that when you get there
You feel a sense of calm
And loved ones are there waiting
To take you in their arms

One day I know I’ll be there
And feel the love I’ve never seen
To walk right through the gates of pearl
Where the grass is always green


11 thoughts on “Dear god – 1979

  1. I can really feel the pain coming through the words. I have been there. I am living proof though, that there is a way out and you do NOT have you lose any creative edge. May God, universe, or whatever higher power that is out there bless you. I am sending a hug through the fiber optics.


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