On the brink – 2005

I’ve been keeping myself busy
So that I don’t have to think
About all the shouting in my head
I think that I am on the brink

Of the madness that I used to feel
Not so very long ago
The confusion and depression
It’s back again even though

I’m trying hard to block it out and
I think of better things to come
But my efforts just seem pointless
I’m ever so easily undone

I’m finding it harder and harder to see
Between the truth and all the lies
I’m lonely and feel so stupid
I really feel I’ve lost my mind

Sometimes I wonder why I bother
And I just want it all to end
Nobody understands me
And I would never tell my friends

17 thoughts on “On the brink – 2005

  1. This is so like my life. I love my friends and family, but i feel like try dont understand me at all. awesome piece!


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