Summer is a time of dreams
Days last forever or so it seems
Everywhere a million smiles
Laughter heard from every child

Topped up tans and summer clothes
Feel the grass between your toes
Happy in all that summer brings
Music plays and we all sing

Barbeque lunch is nearly done
Avoiding the burnt bits is always fun
We talk of happy times gone past
My goodness, how time goes so fast

Now making memories for later days
I seem to have it all today
Smiles are seen on every face
Today, Iā€™m in a happy place


7 thoughts on “Barbeque

  1. So glad that summer has brought you to such a happy place. There’s just something special about sunshine, bare feet, and gentle breezes that calms the soul!


  2. I have rare days when I feel this way, but I don’t have anyone to share these new memories with. Not much family left, we’re scattered across the US, rarely seeing one another. I live alone, no significant other, so the memories I make, will be for me to look back on and raise me up when I am downl.


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