Same old same old – 2013

I guess I’ll take another pill
The doctor gave because I’m ill

Another night and I can’t sleep
Past and present wounds too deep

I just can’t do this all again
No-one can help it’s all in vain

Screams so loud inside my head
And I still can’t sleep in my bed

I try to make this feeling pass
And so again I fill my glass

Drambuie sticky on my lips
Think I’ll take another sip

The more that I empty this glass
The less this hurt is going to last


6 thoughts on “Same old same old – 2013

  1. the pills can work but not with Drambuie. I found that out the hard way. I’m not lecturing or moralizing, just speaking from my own experience.


  2. Like you I have trouble sleeping and I’m exhausted all day… But pills are not the solution… Try deep breathing and meditation and slowly you’ll start to let go of whatever is bothering you…. This helps me…


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