How many is too many – 1998

Well I’ve made a few mistakes
I’ve let people take advantage
And accepted less than I deserve
That’s why my life is total carnage

I’ve made some stupid choices
Gave parts of me I won’t get back
And these people won’t be sorry
They’ll never cut me any slack

Will I ever learn my lesson
Sometimes I haven’t got a clue
It’s crap that I’m let down so often
By those I thought I knew


14 thoughts on “How many is too many – 1998

  1. It’s the human condition…to be vulnerable to hurt because we are open for love. We like to think the best of people, but everyone judges us. Are you not guilty of it yourself? Maybe not in a mean-spirited way, but do you ignore other people’s shortcomings?


  2. Hi soberflight
    Yes, I suppose we are all guilty in a way but would I openly judge someone knowing that I could hurt their feelings? I’d have to say no. Everyone has their reasons for lashing out or being mean, maybe they have had a bad day or they have been hurt themselves. I’d like to think that I’d give them the benefit of the doubt before I judged them.
    But I agree that not everyone thinks like that which is a shame


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