Nothing stays the same – 1989

Promises get broken
People are cruel, it’s such a crime
All that’s good just turns to black
Even truth will fade in time

Tears will fall as passions fade
We all fight to win the game
No-one as kind as they should be
Nothing ever stays the same

I won’t stop to say goodbye
Cos I was never really here
I feel I’m ready to let go
Of all I thought that I held dear


9 thoughts on “Nothing stays the same – 1989

  1. it is true – nothing stays the same – which makes the concept of staying detached a formidable one – but – this is too difficult. At least for me, it is.


    • Hi words4jp,
      I agree with what you say. It is hard to detach from others, a task which I also find difficult but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to sometimes 🙂


  2. You are right that nothing stays the same. But this isn’t a negative thing. It means that difficult emotions and situations change and pass as well as positive ones. Everything fluctuates, like an endless deep blue ocean. And like being on an ocean, we can ride the waves in peace or we can fight the waves and be beaten around in the water.
    In meditation you can see the coming and goings of thoughts and emotions and begin to recognize that they don’t stay constant. By themselves they float in and out of consciousness. We can try to make them stay by focusing on them, but this causes distress–even if the thought is a pleasant one. When we focus on them we create or increase unhappiness. Pushing them away is another way of focusing on them and will also cause distress. When I went through a very difficult time several years ago, my counselor recommended I spend some time each evening letting my feelings come up and pay attention to how they felt, without going into thinking about them. Just let them float by as if they were leaves on a river drifting by. I would look at them and observe, but not try to stop them or make them go by faster. Then I would notice the next one in the same way. This was something I did as I soaked in a hot bath each night, relaxing. Within a few weeks, I felt differently and I continue to do this type of meditation each day now. I could see that the pain was more from me getting caught in the emotions or trying not to feel them at all. This practice allowed them to come up and release, even if they needed to come up repeatedly. Peace be with you.


  3. I’m sure it was some sort of philosopher who said “Change is constant.” It’s remarkable how we tend to fight that inevitability, even when that makes us miserable. Letting go is so freeing!


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