Can they see me – 2013

This blog is like my protection
And I hide behind its rhyme
Without judgement I can be myself
This space is something that’s just mine

Only known as words on paper here
I wonder what they make of me
What do I look like, am I good or bad
I wonder what it is they see

When I fear that I am nothing
They care to ask me what is wrong
Always there, so kind in thought and word
To try to help me carry on

Most days I don’t want the real world
As I’ve felt the joy strangers can bring
And it’s the nicest feeling ever
When you feel that you have everything

So thank you to my followers
And for the thoughts that we have shared
For dropping by, your likes, your comments
It’s so nice to know you care

39 thoughts on “Can they see me – 2013

  1. The more I read, the more of a kindred soul I find. I too started my blog to let lose the thoughts I have within. Thank you for the follow. I love how life brings such kindred spirits together.


        • I’m only anonymous because I didn’t want it to end up like a facebook page with all my friends giving the pity comments and then coming round the house to make tea haha.
          This blog as served me well as far as healing goes and is a year old at the end of this month so I am going to give my name and let my friends know about it. I’m through with hiding and am past caring now as to how others judge me.
          So fingers crossed that I will have made the right decision 😉


  2. Crying randomly is part of the healing process. I wish you the best of luck on your way. As of late, I’ve woken up crying from dreams about people or things that happened in the past that I didn’t even realize I was still sad about somewhere. The first part is release, the second part is changing whatever underlying belief or behavior was causing you to be in those situations. Feeling lighter as of late. Hope you are too.


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