See Saw – 1998

And without reason
I’ll sit and I’ll cry
Don’t ask me what’s wrong
Because I don’t know why

My mind is like a see saw
Full of ups and downs
I can’t think of tomorrow
If today I might drown

I keep myself busy
Doing things I enjoy
But whatever I do
I just can’t fill this void

11 thoughts on “See Saw – 1998

  1. I don’t have whole days like this, but I have experienced these feelings, nonetheless. All I can say is wait it out as best you can…it all passes eventually. Good write…I’m sure that a lot of readers will relate to this.


  2. When you share everything that you are with someone, one of the most difficult things for them to understand is when they ask you what’s wrong and you don’t have an answer.


    • I know, it’s always hard to explain how I feel and if I do manage to put it into words it just makes me sound crazy.
      I usually find that I’ll be saying the words but all they hear is blah blah blah, that’s why I have this blog really, so I can say what I want to 🙂


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