Everything I see

You won’t accept that you’re beautiful
Because you feel you’re getting old
And you never remember anything
Of the things that you’ve been told

You waffle on for hours
About everything you hate
Like snow and work and kids and stuff
And bloody Al getting in at eight

But because of how I love you
I see beauty everywhere
It’s in the way you hold me
And it’s in the way you care

It’s when you phone me everyday
To check that I’m ok
It’s in the way you worry
When I’m having a bad day

It’s in that lovely smile of yours
That’s always there when you’re with me
It’s in the songs your always singing
So my darlin, can’t you see

Beauty isn’t to be measured
By how someone looks or seems to be
It’s measured by loving kindness
That you shower upon me

So next time I say you’re beautiful
Try to understand just what I mean
Maybe read again what I’ve just written
So you can see everything I see

7 thoughts on “Everything I see

  1. So loving. Illicit, by the sounds of it, but no less loving. Such understanding and desire yet ultimately, apparently, unattainable. Two apart. Sad. But the whole story untold. So many hearts to break in the attainment of such union. True or otherwise, very heartfelt.x


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