Love may hurt

Together we may struggle
But without you, all I feel is pain
Sometimes it may seem I’m confused
But darlin, this will never change

Cos the feelings I have for you don’t fade
They just grow stronger with each kiss
Life without you would be my death
From within my soul, it’s you I’d miss

This is a choice that I have made
I understand the risk I take
Please hold my heart real close to you
But be careful cos it so easily breaks

You are me lil sunshine
I want to hold you in my arms
I want to love you all the time
And keep you safe from harm

So when this love thing hurts you so
And you don’t know what to feel or do
Remember these three things we need
The world and me and you

13 thoughts on “Love may hurt

  1. Beautiful poems, thank you for sharing. It would be amazing if you could contribute one for Project R, a project about relationships that I am running on my blog until the end of October. Since the themes of love and relationships is a recurrent one in your poetry, I think it would be an enriching addition to the discussion. Do let me know xxx


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