You are

You are my first thought in the morning
You are the conclusion to each day
You are all the things I ever do
And you are everything I say

If you asked me If I love you
I would have to confess I do
You are the love of my whole life
And I’m glad you feel it too

Your kiss it lingers long after you’ve gone
You are the twinkle in my eye
You are the warmth inside my lonely heart
You are the fullness of my life

You are all I’ve ever wanted
And all I’ll ever need
And when I miss you through the day
I’ll see you in my dreams

I never thought I would find myself
But I have since I’ve found you
You are the one that understands
My love for you is ever true

This feeling overwhelms me
I hope we never have to part
Cos I never thought that I would feel
This gladness in my heart

I lose myself when I’m with you,
My feelings grow so rapidly
For you, my lover and my friend
I’d give all I have so gladly

You are everything to me
You are the laughter in my heart
Forever I will love you
Till the day we die and part

I was made to love you
You and I are meant to be
You are forever in my heart
Baby, thankyou for loving me


16 thoughts on “You are

    • Hello Chris, I was just about to e-mail you to thankyou for reading and reblogging so many of my poems.
      I’m glad you are enjoying them.
      Hope you are ok and keeping well


  1. Beautiful . You opened your heart in a real way to write this. That is what the great writers do.
    You are very talented and creative. Please hang in there. Life is hard but there are soft places to land in for a time here and there.
    I wish great things for you.


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