Are you coming home yet

The clock is gently ticking
As it counts down all the days
Until I get to hold you
And kiss your lovely little face

I’ve missed our chat this afternoon
The one that we have everyday
While we are on our coffee breaks
To ask about eachother’s day

There are so many miles between us
I hate it when you go away
But baby, let me ask you this
While you’re on your holiday

Are you coming back yet
It seems ages since you went
Do you miss me as I miss you
Did you get the love I sent 🙂

I put it in a great big parcel
Cos it was too big for a letter
I stuffed it with loads of kisses too
So if you miss me you’ll feel better

I hope you are relaxing
With a nice cool pint of beer
And enjoying through your earphones
All the songs you love to hear

While sitting on your balcony
Or by the pool beneath the sun
I hope you enjoy your pizza later
And are having lots of fun


2 thoughts on “Are you coming home yet

  1. I’m mortified that I’d probably be a wreck if someday I’m obligated to go on a business trip of some sort. I must take my girl along with me by all means! Nice poem. 🙂 Reminds me of the song ‘Captains and Cruiseships’ by Owl City, although it has wistful, bittersweet connotations.


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