Baby it hurts

Me lil sunshine is in pain
He’s gone and hurt his back
And every time he tries to move
You can hear a little crack

Although it hurts him very much
He won’t use the smelly lotions
He begrudges taking pills for pain
And so moves round in slow motion

He hobbles round the kitchen
Saying “ouch” at every step
Makes his way back to the sofa
Where the night before he slept

“Do you think this back pain
Is down to heavy lifting or the cold”
And I reply with some amusement
“No darlin, it’s cos you’re getting old”

I shouldn’t laugh about it really
Cos I love him so very much
And I hate to see him in such pain
At the slightest little touch

But when I see him all bent over
And walking is such a strain
I really just can’t help myself
And have a giggle fit again

I tell him that he’ll feel better
Maybe with a little sleep
And hopefully when he awakes
He won’t fall down in a heap

Come on, come here my sweetheart
Let me love and hold you tight
Maybe a kiss on where it hurts
Will make you feel alright

But seriously me lil sunshine
Anything you want or need
Just ask me, I’ll do anything
Cos you’re the better half of me

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