Till pears grow on lemon trees

I love you because your beautiful
You’re just so great at being you
I love you for the man you are
And for all the things you do

I adore you, me lil sunshine
I wanna climb a hill and shout
I’ll love you till pears grow on lemon trees
I just love you inside out

I love it when you come to visit
And you hug me in the hall
And babe, your smile lights up my heart
Holding your hand, I’m ten feet tall

I ache with love in thoughts of you
You’re all I want and all I need
And when I look into your eyes
My whole world stares back at me

18 thoughts on “Till pears grow on lemon trees

  1. The freedom of your energy speaks to my delighted eyes, the strength of your emotions grips my own and holds me close, the experience of your inspiration gives my mind a breath of fresh air… Don’t fret about spelling or usage, for those are cosmetic to the underlying message of your heart. Speak!


    • To be honest Michael, I never fret about anything like that and tend to ignore negative comments.
      I don’t sit for hours writing poetry, correcting or re-arranging the words.
      When I think of a poem I just write it all in one go straight onto my blog, sometimes through tired eyes, sometimes in a rush and sometimes through snot and tears.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this. I love that sometimes my poems can stir a whole range of emotions in people πŸ™‚


  2. Hi “blue”,
    Thanks for your visit to my site and the “like”. It gave me the opportunity to return the visit and wander through your efforts. This poem struck me,… It reminds me of the feelings I have every time the grandkids come to visit. Happy little munchkins and they drag me right into their happy little world every time they’re here. Nicely written and I enjoyed my visit. πŸ™‚


    • Hey PapaBear.
      How lovely that it should remind you of your grandkids. Children do have a wonderful way of dragging you into their little worlds.
      Glad you enjoyed your visit.
      Have a great day πŸ˜€


    • I love your blog and it’s always a pleasure to visit you. I’ve not been writing much so admittedly not been on much but it’s nice to be back to see everyone. I’ll pop across in a minute to check out the poems.
      Blessings to you too Annie x


  3. “I’ll love you till pears grow on lemon trees…”

    The sweetest line I’ve read all day! Lovely fruit imagery. The title of this poem sounds like it would make a great title for a romantic movie! 😊 Or perhaps an art exhibiton… Or a beautiful tearjerking novel… Anyway, what I mean to say is – it’s original, interesting and beautiful and I loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

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