To the stars an back

I’ve written words so many times
Of how you make my day
Of how I love and care for you
But they just don’t portray

How when I say I love you
I feel every word inside
Or how I get the butterflies
Every time I see you smile

Or when you take hold of my hand
It’s such a perfect fit
Or how your face feels like velvet
When pressed against my lips

This is so annoying
It drives me crazy as I write
That I can’t put words to paper
I just can’t get it right

I’ll never find the words I want
I guess that I don’t have the knack
So you’ll have to make do with…
I love you to the stars and back


11 thoughts on “To the stars an back

  1. I love it! It sums up how I feel about the man that I love. I have written many poems about him and how I feel, but they never quite seem to sum it up. Words sometimes aren’t enough, but we just do the best we can with our vocabulary and then let our actions say the rest.


  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this and yes, it drives me nuts because I can’t find the right words but hey ho, as long as they know how we feel then who cares.
    Like you said, actions speak louder than words 🙂 xx


  3. Thanks for visiting and liking my latest blog poem, “If I Had a Prayer”. I really like your work here. I was thinking that some of it, at least what I’ve read, would be so wonderful in little notes and cards. What a blessing to the receiver! I hope you keep writing and sharing!!


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