Mr Grumpy Socks

He gets up in the morning
And he moans about the time
He hates to leave so early
It’s so crazy in his mind

He leaves for work begrudgingly
Asks rhetorically, what’s the time
Complains his backpack is too heavy
And the weather’s far from fine

If someone walks behind him
He’ll slow the pace he’s walking
“I don’t want them bloody listening
When I’m on the phone and talking”

He looks into shop windows
And comments “ooh, that’s nice”
But then he moans because the item
Doesn’t display the price

Then he has to pass the cafe
It’s closed , oh what a pain
Something else to moan about
No sausage cob for him again

When he reaches the office
The moaning don’t stop there
He’s got conference calls and meetings
And the winds messed up his hair

Although he’s always moaning
I love him lots and lots
Cos he’s my little sunshine
He’s my Mr grumpy socks


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