These cracks in my heart – 2006

I’ve have never felt so lonely
And it gets worse each passing day
Cracks appear inside my heart
And I can’t make them go away

I’ve tried patching them with laughter
And with love and all of that
But this pain that I am feeling
Just keeps pushing through those cracks

It feeds my insecurities
It makes life darker than it seems
And as the cracks get bigger
They become the demons in my dreams

I’ve often tried to tell myself
That it’s ok to be alone
But without someone to share it with
A house just ain’t a home


34 thoughts on “These cracks in my heart – 2006

  1. So sorry you feel so blue… Lovely poem from your heart… I live alone and love my solitude… I keep busy and fill my weekends with activities I like… I joined Meetup and have met many lovely ladies in the same boat… Much blessings, Lor


  2. Hi Lor,
    Nice to see you again 🙂
    This poem is from five months ago so I do feel a little better thank you.
    I’m really glad that you have met some lovely ladies that are in the same situation as you.
    Have a great day x


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