My check up from the neck up – 2013

Another meeting day tomorrow
They come to analyse my sorrow

So many questions they will ask
Digging deep into my past

Like “Did you like your mum and dad”
Or “Was your childhood really bad”

They’ll never get what’s in my head
Cos all they’ve learned is what they’ve read

And reading books is far from real
A book can’t teach them how I feel

I understand that they must try
But all it does is make me cry

But they still come while I protest
Because they say it’s for the best


19 thoughts on “My check up from the neck up – 2013

  1. Ack! You make it sound so futile to get help. Has it EVER helped you? It’s true that there will never be anyone who knows all your thoughts and feelings like you do, but do the discussions ever help you self-analyze? Weirdly enough, questions like those about your childhood are supposed to help you get to the “root of the problem.” I guess if you’ve suppressed the memories they can’t help much. Well, good luck with it anyway.


    • Hi Sandi,
      I’ve been before and they have been brilliant and at the moment I have a man that comes to the house that knows his stuff and helps me a great deal but I had to see someone in addition to my normal help today and he drove me crazy. You know, the type that taps you on the knee and says “there there” and then constantly saying “Hmmm, yes, I understand”. He just drove me crazy and frustrated the heck out of me. I don’t think I will be seeing him for much longer.
      So to sum it up though, the help I get is helping me, it’s just a pain seeing someone new all the time xx


  2. not all tears are evil, honest feeling express more than words ever could, but please keep sharing your thoughts as there are many out there who know and can sympathize and empathize with your thoughts and your feelings


    • Thankyou Simon,
      I agree that sharing your feelings or crying your heart out can be a good thing.
      I will always continue to share my thoughts because apart from being a therapy for myself, it can help others to understand that they are not alone 🙂
      have a great day x


  3. Every time I see a therapist, I wonder to myself how academia could possibly talk me out of my episodes. It isn’t possible, but I have learned a few tricks from them. I like the way you wrote this out.


  4. Knowing is more then half the battle. In some come cases, it’s all that’s required to win the war. Take comfort, for your soul can’t be diagrammed in a book. Often words are my only friend….then I realized words were not my ‘friends’, they were I. Then I understood. ‘I’ was all I needed. Everything else, well, everything and everyone else were extras in this life I lead.


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