I just wanna drink – 2013

She walks into a random bar
It doesn’t matter where
It’s just the company she seeks
But then this bloke pulls up a chair

She has never had a problem
Finding company to share
She wants it, but she doesn’t
But there’s nobody sitting there

So she allows him to sit down
He says hello and so she smiles
She doesn’t want what he wants
But allows him to stay awhile

Not all men are the same she thinks
So just give this lad a chance
She’s sittin here all on her own
So might as well just dance the dance

He asks all the usual questions
What’s ya name and where you from
So she tells him what he wants to know
Wow, he must think she’s really dumb

He looks at her all confused
She says, “I know what it is you’re after
For f**k sake is it too much trouble
For a bloody honest answer

Not all women that go to a bar
Are after a pathetic drunk to take home
If you don’t know what conversation is
Then she’d rather be on her own

All she wanted was some company
Someone to have a giggle with
Not an idiot that talks to her t**s
And just comes out with filth

so she stands up from where she sits
she don’t need this, he’s a pain
Men just wanna take her home
She won’t go back there again

So once again she turns the key
To the place that she calls home
And realises then that her life
Is there to spend all on her own


28 thoughts on “I just wanna drink – 2013

  1. I think your freedom to write about a typical day is fabulous – we have opportunity to create characters in our writing or we can choose our blog to go after internal feelings. As a male, I am humbled by this writing, because I know there was a time in my life when if a woman walked into a bar, her posture became a free for all. I apologize for that generalization that still exists today. I wish life wasn’t a catch-22.


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