Stupid laptop Grrrr

I couldn’t answer comments
Or your e-mails recently
As my laptop had decided
That it wouldn’t work for me

It took ages to spring into life
And I was getting really stressed
But it just sat there doing nothing
And the screen just blinked at best

I turned it off then on again
But it wasn’t playing ball
It took all that I could muster
Not to throw it at the wall

I tried talking to it gently
And I begged, “Oh come on, please”
But it just sat there doing nothing
And so I sank to my knees

Then I shouted and I swore at it
Then I threw it on the chair
Then picked up a book and hit it
But it didn’t seem to care

Not having my laptop
I really felt so lost
Well, I got it working now
I showed it who was boss 😉

37 thoughts on “Stupid laptop Grrrr

  1. hahah Fun post. I also do that ,talk to my gadgets that is, “Cmon pumpkin WORK!” So I guess its working now huh 😉


  2. AnElephantCant understand technology
    It could be he’s not awfully bright
    He is constantly struggling
    When he’d rather be snuggling
    So can you please tell him how you solved your plight?


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