I’d rather be lost – 2012

I’ve been the victim of many things
So yes, I have a troubled mind
I’m broken and I can’t deny
That I’ve had some difficult times

I’ve been the wrong end of selfish love
And to be honest, I’m sick of it
Sometimes the void is just so big
That not even the world could fill it

I shouldn’t have been so trusting
And now I’m not sure who I am
I never asked for any of this
It was never part of my plan

There were many who I trusted
Many kind but most were not
I’ve always said that I want to be found
But now, I’d rather be lost


23 thoughts on “I’d rather be lost – 2012

  1. Like you I too have a big heart and I used to let others use me all the time because I didn’t want to let anyone down. But at some point, you need to take care of yourself and say no. This is how I know if my friends are really my friends or if they just want something from me and maybe it will help you too. 🙂 The friends who are asking you for favors all the time, try asking them for a favor as well. If they keep turning you down or making excuses, then you don’t need them in your life because they only care about themselves. A true friend will be there for you when you need them. Not when it’s convenient for them. Take care and I hope things get better for you.


    • Thankyou very much. I am finding out who my friends are lately thank goodness and although they don’t (and probably never will) know it, I have put them out of my life in quite a lot of ways and I’m glad I have as I realise now that our friendship was all one way like you said.
      Thankyou for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      Have a great day 🙂


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