Tear stained – 2011

She had to live once
In the worst of places
Full of saddened souls
With tear stained faces

All because she fell in love
She was gullible like that
Saw the best in people
But ended up their doormat

Now the darkness, it chokes her
Till she struggles to breathe
And it won’t let her go
It has no empathy

How long would she have to
Live on her knees
Scared of all that surrounds her
And too eager to please

She tries to hold back
But the demons, they follow
They stay all of the nights
And all of the tomorrows

Without better days in sight
It couldn’t get any worse
So she surrenders to demons
To which she’d been cursed

So with arms outstretched
Eyes closed and breath held
She falls to her freedom
And her demons dispel

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