I lost my flippin biscuit

What is it about today
So much is going wrong for me
Like when I dunked my biscuit
And it fell off in my tea

Many years I’ve dunked my biscuits
So I should’ve mastered it by now
But experience counts for nothing
And it falls in anyhow

It seems to happen in slow motion
Tell me, what’s all that about
And all the shouting and the cursing
Just doesn’t seem to get it out

I try to hook it with my fingers
And it sinks to the bottom again
In frustration I forget the tea is hot
And pull my fingers out in pain

It’s not flippin rocket science
People do it all the time
They dunk it in without a problem
But it always falls in mine

I want to throw it at the wall
But I’m dying for a drink
So I sip it slowly half way down
And tip the rest into the sink

The moral of this story is
Don’t dunk biscuits in your drink
Cos they’ll just fall in to annoy you
They are smarter than you think


63 thoughts on “I lost my flippin biscuit

  1. Like Vibha, I appreciate how you use poetic form to narrate humorously an event that typifies life’s minor frustrations. Though seemingly trivial, these frustrations, when filtered through consciousness, often loom large because they appear to continue patterns of anxiety, unmet expectations, and other unpleasant x, y, and z’s.


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