But for the grace of God go I

The world would be much better
If we showed more empathy
Everybody needs it sometimes
We all cry and we all bleed

Empathy is a soft presence
That can reach inside the heart
Of the desperate or the broken
And it’s the perfect place to start

Just imagine “What if it was you”
Who struggled every day
Wouldn’t you hope that someone
Would have kind words to say

Just be nice because everybody
At least one time in their life
Will look upon another and think
There but for the grace of God go I

45 thoughts on “But for the grace of God go I

  1. Beautifully said. As an empath, I cannot even begin to understand people that have no feelings for other. But I got to this place because of much pain, and kindness was not there for me when I needed it. Most of us survive, but even just 1 act of kindness can totally change your life.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. I write about empathy and kindness quite a lot and agree how much it can change someones life.
      It’s the little things that mean a lot 🙂


  2. Something good to know about ~ this thing called “empathy”. Something good to nurture. You & a few other gals on the Cyber Highway always teaching good things to poor fools such as I. You are appreciated!

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