Builders …

It was Monday morning when
They came knocking at my door
“Hello darlin, we’re the blokes
Come to dig up ya bathroom floor”

They all marched in to take a look
And then one of them spoke
“It’s a bigger job than I first thought
We’re gonna need another bloke”

So the ginger one went for his mate
While the old boy got his bag
The third one he just scratched his head
While the gaffer had a fag

Ten minutes later ginger said
“I brought the plumber for the sink”
So we might as well get started
After we’ve all had a drink

Giving them the benefit of the doubt
I went and made a cuppa
If they don’t do some work real soon
They’ll still be here for supper

An hour later they got started
Well, if you could call it that
The drill was whirring noisily
While the hammer tap tap tapped

Then I heard “I’ve burst the pipe”
And the water hit the ceiling
At that point words couldn’t describe
The frustration I was feeling

“Don’t you worry flower
We know exactly what to do”…
I said fix it or you’ll feel the wrath
Of this here four by two

End of the day and not much done
I’ve never met such lazy men
I hope they do some work tomorrow
When sadly they’ll all be back again

Well that is if they’re not too scared
To get the sharp end of my tongue
Cos if they keep on making dumb mistakes
I’ll have them crying for their mum


22 thoughts on “Builders …

  1. Do It!!! I don’t have any love towards plumbers. Now if a plumber happen to be in our little clique … I apologize… you’ve got to have a sensitive nature to spill your wares here! 🙂


    • They were more comical than anything else really and I’ve been making my friend laugh at what they’ve been up to so he told me to write something silly about them and this was the result 🙂


  2. Sounds like a bunch of goof-offs to me. I’ve never had work done on my bathroom, but when my sister got someone to replace my Dad’s kitchen floor, only one guy showed up, and he finished it in one day. Do you have anything like the Better Business Bureau in GB, like we have in the USA? Though I’ll admit it was fodder for a very entertaining bit of poetry, you shouldn’t have to pay for their incompetence.


    • Yeah, we have a few including the fair trade association.
      Most of the poem was for entertainment purposes so although they were comical the end result was ok. Well, after I finished what they started haha 🙂


  3. I was visiting a friend in London a couple years ago, and lo and behold…he needed a plumbing repair. What you have described here could have come from the pages of his book…I’ve never seen such lazy ‘professionals’ and for all their 2 day job…it ended up just needing to be snaked out, which of course they did AFTER they reattached the sink they’d already taken off the wall. What a riot (well, after the fact it was funny…)


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